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Valve Sales

Valve Database - Current to 25-3-18

IDType NumEquivalentDescriptionNEWUSED
10A3VR75Voltage Regulator71
2807Beam Power Tetrode992
60A2150C4Voltage Regulator613
70B2Voltage Regulator14
80B3Voltage Regulator11
90C3VR105Voltage Regulator1611
100D3VR150/30Voltage Regulator416
110Z4Full Wave GF Rectifier42
1224A224RF Tetrode110
1325A6GPower Output Pentode82
1425E5Power Pentode76
1525L6GBeam Power Output Tetrode36
1625Y5Full Wave Vac Rectifier01
1725Z525Z6Full Wave Vac Rectifier41
1825Z6Full Wave Vac Rectifier33
2027F209Detect Amp Triode012
21301H4GDetect Amp Triode04
2230A5Power Output Pentode04
2332RF Tetrode02
2432L7GTRect Beam Power Output Tetrode34
2533Power Output pentode13
2634Medium Cut-off RF Pentode03
273551Remote Cut-off RF Pentode011
2835W4Half Wave Vac Rectifier01
2935Z4ZGTHalf Wave Vac Rectifier01
3036RF Tetrode01
3138Power Output Pentode02
3238HE7Diode Pentode06
3333GY7Diode Pentode33
3412047AB7UHF Pentode30
350G385A2Voltage Reference010
3619Twin Power O/P Triode44
3742EC4APY500ATV Booster Diode02
3814B66SQ7GTDuo Diode High æ Triode01
3914J77J7Triode Heptode01
4015BD11Twin Triode Sharp Cut-off Pentode11
4117BF11Sharp Cut-off Dual Pentode44
4316A5PL82Power Pentode33
4416A8High æ Triode Power Pentode44
47416K6GPower Output Pentode110
48426F6GPower Output Pentode030
494325A6Power Output Pentode07
5146Power Output Triode01
5247Power Output Pentode010
5350L6GT25L6GTBeam Power Output Tetrode03
555585Duo Diode Triode22
56576J7/6C6Sharp Cut-off Pentode145
57586U7G/6D6Remote Cut-off RF Pentode015
5859Power Output Pentode08
59805Y3GFull Wave Vacuum Rectifier056
6071APower Output Triode00
6277Sharp Cut-off RF Pentode01
63786K7Remote Cut-off RF Pentode03
6483Full Wave Gas Rectifier06
6583V5V4GFull Wave Vacuum Rectifier02
66846Z4Full Wave Vacuum Rectifier02
6789Power Output Pentode02
681A41D5GTRemote Cut-off RF Tetrode02
691A5Power Output Pentode06
711B3GTHalf Wave Vacuum Rectifier610
721B5Duo Diode Triode22
741C41M5GRemote Cut-off RF Pentode44
771D41L5GPower Output Pentode24
781D5G1D5GTRemote Cut-off RF Tetrode14
791D8GTDiode Triode Pwr Output Pentode210
801F5Power Output Pentode01
811H5GTDiode High æ Triode19
821H6GDuo Diode Triode11
831K5Sharp Cut-off Pentode33
841K61K7GDuo Diode Sharp Cut-off Pentode13
861L4Sharp Cut-off Pentode132
871L5GPower Output Pentode012
881M5GRemote Cut-off RF Pentode015
891P5GRemote Cut-off RF Pentode017
901Q5GBeam Power Output Tetrode212
921S21S2AHalf Wave Vacuum Rectifier417
931S5CV784/DAF91Diode Sharp Cut-off Pentode548
941T4CV1971/DF91Remote Cut-off RF Pentode1387
951LE3Amplifier Triode01
971LN5Sharp Cut-off RF Pentode02
991C5GPower Output Pentode02
1001U4Sharp Cut-off RF Pentode27
1011U51S5Diode Sharp Cut-off Pentode34
1021X2AHalf Wave Vacuum Rectifier13
1031LB4Power Output Pentode03
1052A542Power Output Pentode011
1062A675Duo Diode High æ Triode12
1082B76B7GDuo Diode Medium Cut-off Pentode14
1092D21CV797/5727/PLZ1Gas Filled Tetrode75
1102X22X2A/879/VT119Half Wave Vacuum Rectifier18
1112E26CV3990VHF Beam Power Amplifier07
1123A4Power Output Pentode13
1133A5HF Twin Triode03
1143S4Power Output Pentode29
1153V4CV2983/DL94Power Output Pentode448
1163C4Power Output Pentode10
1173Q43V4Power Output Pentode12
1194GK5High Mæ Triode11
1205AR4GZ34Full Wave Vacuum Rectifier00
1215AS4Full Wave Vacuum Rectifier064
1235U4GFull Wave Vacuum Rectifier013
1245V4GGZ32/CV593Full Wave Vacuum Rectifier018
1255Y3GTFull Wave Vacuum Rectifier184
1275Z4Full Wave Vacuum Rectifier06
1296A66N7Twin Power Output Triode04
1326AB7TV Medium Cut-off RF Pentode12
1336AC7TV Sharp Cut-off RF Pentode232
1346AD8Duo Diode Medium Cut-off RF Pentode34
1356AE8Triode Hexode21
1366AG5Sharp Cut-off RF Pentode21
1376AG6GEL33Power Output Pentode02
1386AG7Power Output Pentode110
1396AJ5Sharp Cut-off RF Pentode07
1406AK5Sharp Cut-0ff RF Pentode1739
1416AK6Power Output Pentode16
1426AL3Full Wave Vacuum Rectifier1714
1436AL5Twin Diode1322
1446AM5Power Output Pentode54
1456AM6EF91,CV138Sharp Cut-off RF Pentode114
1466AN7Triode Hexode469
1476AQ5GB6005Beam Power Tetrode16108
1486AQ8High u Twin Triode41
1496AR56HG5Power Output Pentode03
1506AR7GTDou Diode Medium Cut-off RF Pentode015
1516AS8Diode Sharp Cut-off RF Pentode22
1526AT6Duo Diode High æ Triode53
1536AU4GTHalf Wave Vacuum Rectifier1154
1546AU6CV2524Sharp Cut-off Pentode54211
1556AV6Duo Diode High æ Triode660
1566AW8AHigh u Triode Sharp Cut-off RF Pentode167
1576AX4GTHalf Wave Vacuum Rectifier411
1586AZ8Medium æ Triode Semi Remote Cut-off RF Pentode10
1596B7S6G8GDuo Diode Medium Cut-off Pentode040
1606B8GDuo Diode Medium Cut-off Pentode121
1616BH5Remote Cut-off RF Pentode213
1626BH6Sharp Cut-off RF Pentode67
1636BH7Twin Triode113
1646BJ5N78Power Output Pentode22
1656BL8ECF80Medium u TriodeRemote Cut-off RF Pentode4554
1666BU86HS8Sharp Cut-off Twin Pentode(With Common Cathode Grid 1 & Grid 2)126
1676BQ5Power Output Pentode121
1686BV7Duo Diode Power Output Pentode18
1696BW66V6GBeam Power Output Tetrode93
1706BX6Sharp Cut-off RF Pentode740
1716BY7CV1375Remote Cut-off RF Pentode816
1726BZ6Semi Remote Cut-off RF Pentode435
1736B6G6SQ7GTDuo Diode High æ Triode225
1746BA6Medium Cut-off RF Pentode2076
1756BC8Semi Remote Cut-off Medium u RF Twin Triode73
1766BD7Duo Diode High æ Triode28
1786BM8High æ Triode Power Pentode174
1796BQ6GTB6CU6Beam Power Tetrode52
1806BQ7AMedium u RF Twin Triode2415
1816BR5Tuning Indicator With Triode03
1826C66J7G/6SJ7GTSharp Cut-off RF Pentode128
1836C8GTwin Triode03
1856CB6Sharp Cut-off RF Pentode1446
1866CD6GABeam Power Tetrode81
1876CG7Medium æ Twin Triode012
1886CM5EL36Power Pentode1498
1896C5GDetector Triode010
1906C4VHF Power Triode106
1916CJ6Power Pentode61
1926CK6Video Output Pentode54
1936CG8Medium æ Triode74
1946CH6CV2127Beam Power Pentode26
1956CA4Full Wave Vacuum Rectifier52
1966CQ86U8Medium æ Triode Sharp Cut-off RF Tetrode68
1976CM7Medium Triode with Dissimilar Units244
1996CW7ECC84RF Twin Triode141
2006CZ5Beam Power Tetrode125
2026D66U7GRemote Cut-off Rf Pentode046
2036DQ5Beam Power Tetrode17
2046DQ6ABeam Power Tetrode1652
2056DT6Sharp Cut-off RF Pentode206
2066DX8High æ Triode Power Pentode119
2076E5Tuning Indicator with Triode00
2086EA8Medium æ Triode Sharp Cut-off Pentode139
2096EB8High æ Triode Sharp Cut-off Pentode99
2106EH7Semi Remote Cut-off RFPentode2211
2116EJ7Sharp Cut-off RF Pentode1813
2126EM5Beam Power Tetrode206
2136ES8Semi Remote Cut-off VHF Twin Triode1414
2146EW6Sharp Cut-off RF Pentode113
2156F5High æ Triode21
2166F6GPower Output Pentode130
2176F76P7GTriode Remote Cut-off Pentode01
2186F8GTwin Triode01
2196FC7ECC89Twin Triode251
2206FG6EM84Tuning Indicator with Triode02
2216FH5VHF Triode11
2226G5CV51/6U5Tuning Indicator with Triode00
2236G6GPower Output Pentode117
2246GK5VHF High Slope Triode88
2256GV8High æ Triode Power Pentode1026
2266GW8High æ Triode Power Pentode111
2276N8Duo Diode Remote Cut-off Pentode737
2286N7VT96Twin Power Output Triode49
2296H6GTwin Triode230
2306HG56AQ5Beam Power02
2316HG8High æ Triode Power Pentode59
2326HS86BU8Sharp Cut-off Twin Pentode65
2336HU6CV10407/EM87Tuning Indicator01
2346J5GCV2553/10E-348/VR100Detector Amplifier Triode029
2356J6Twin Triode017
2366J7Sharp Cut-off Pentode1863
2376J8GTriode Heptode325
2386JW8Med æ Triode Sharp Cut-off Pentode91
2396K6GPower Output Pentode010
2406K7VR100/KTW62/VT86Remote Cut-off RF Pentode1637
2416K8CV1944Triode Hexode2929
2446L6GCV1948Beam Power Tetrode09
2466M5EL80Power Output Pentode013
2476N3Half Wave Vacuum Rectifier86
2486S4AMedium æ Triode43
2506SC7Twin Triode42
2516SH7Sharp Cut-off RF Pentode19
2526SJ7Sharp Cut-off Pentode763
2536SK7Remote Cut-off RF Pentode241
2546SL7GTHigh æ Twin Triode011
2556SN7GTTwin Triode035
2566SQ7GTDuo Diode High æ Triode325
2576SS7VT199Remote Cut-off RF Pentode05
2586T8Triple Diode High æ Triode61
2596U4GTHalf Wave Rectifier01
2606U56U5G/CV1103/Y63Tuning Indicator With Triode00
2616U8ECF82Medium æ Triode Sharp Cut-off RF Pentode2022
2626V4EZ80Full Wave Vacuum Rectifier016
2636V6Beam Power Output Tetrode0150
2646V9ECH200Triode Heptode90
2656U7GRemote Cut-off RF Pentode2100
2666X9Medium æ Triode Pentode80
2676X4CV4005/EZ90Full Wave Vacuum Rectifier1437
2686X5GTFull Wave Vacuum Rectifier1768
2696Y6GBeam Power Tetrode03
2707AN76CW7RF Twin Triode53
2717A6Twin Diode01
2737C5CV885/6V6GTBeam Power Output Tetrode011
2747C6Duo Diode High æ Triode01
2757C7Sharp Cut-off Pentode42
2767F76SL7GTTwin Triode02
2777G7Sharp Cut-off RF Pentode01
2787GS7Medium æ Triode Sharp Cut-off Pentode01
2797H7Medium Cut-off RF Pentode11
2807N76SN7GTTwin Triode02
2827W77V7Medium Cut-off RF Pentode12
2837Y4Full Wave Vacuum Rectifier01`
285EL336AG6Power Output Pentode04
286EL3NEL33Power Output Pentode05
287EF55CV173Sharp Cut-off Pentode06
288EF37EF37ASharp Cut-off Pentode02
289EF37ASharp Cut-off Pentode307
290EL32VT52Power Output Pentode02
291EF5Remote Cut-off RF Pentode06
292E452TRF Tetrode02
296E443NPower Output Pentode01
297E424Amplifier Triode04
298E444NDiode Tetrode01
299E82CC12AU7Medium æ Twin Triode01
300E88CC6922RF Twin Triode Special Quality01
301E90CC5920Twin Triode Special Quality02
302E280FPentode SQ02
303E810FHigh Slope Sharp Cut-off Pentode SQ11
304EC157CV5397Disc Seal Triode60
305ECH33ECH33BTriode Hexode111
306ECH34Triode Heptode03
307ECH35Triode Hexode14
308EBF2EBF32Duo Diode Remote Cut-off RF Pentode39
309EBF35EBF32Duo Diode Remote Cut-off RF Pentode311
310EBF1Duo Diode Remote Cut-off RF Pentode10
311EBL1Duo Diode Power Output Pentode01
312EBC3Duo Diode Triode25
313EBC33Duo Diode Triode21
315EB34VR54Twin Diode02
317EF9EF39Remote Cut-off RF Pentode01
319EF36EF37ASharp Cut-off Pentode18
320EF39VR51Remote Cut-off RF Pentode17
323EM4EM34Tuning Indicator with Triodes01
324EM34VR103Tuning Indicator with Triodes02
325EZ26X5GTFull Wave Vacuum Rectifier02
326EZ3Full Wave Vacuum Rectifier01
327EZ4Full Wave Vacuum Rectifier01
328EZ806V4Full Wave Vacuum Rectifier00
329A409Amplifier Triode03
332ABC1Duo Diode Triode15
334AF3Remote Cut-off RF Pentode32
337AL2Power Output Pentode01
338B406CV1311Power Output Triode02
339B409Power Output Triode02
340B240Twin Power Output Triode01
341AF2Medium Cut-off RF Pentode01
342AP803Full Wave Rectifier01
345AZ3Full Wave Vacuum Rectifier04
346C243NPower Output Pentode04
347C443Power Output Pentode01
348D610DEH610Low Frequency Amplifier01
350DU2Full Wave Vacuum Rectifier01
352KF1Sharp Cut-off RF Pentode02
353KF2Medium Cut-off RF Pentode01
354KF3Medium Cut-off RF Pentode01
355KF4Sharp Cut-off Pentode01
359GS10H10 Way Dekatron30
360U2727Detector Amplifier Triode01
361UX112A112A/12ADetector Amplifier Triode10
364UX281Half Wave Vacuum Rectifier20
365MU14CV1039Full Wave Rectifier01
366MV23535Super Control RF Amplifier01
368PH5757Sharp Cut-off Pentode01
370PZPower Amplifier Pentode01
373PL1267Cold Cathode Trigger Tube01
378S130PCV45Voltage Stabiliser02
379YL1240Duo Tetrode01
380ZM1080Numerical Indicator10
381CBC1Duo Diode Triode01
382CF2Medium Cut-off RF Pentode01
384809Transmitting Triode27
385811CV628Transmitting Triode02
386815RF Beam Power Amplifier10
387836Half Wave High Vacuum Rectifier10
388837CV637RF Power Amplifier Pentode02
389866AHalf Wave MV Rectifier411
391221Gas Filled Rectifier01
39323551Remote Cut-off RF Pentode01
39424747Power Output Pentode01
39925758Remote Cut-off RF Pentode20
400274Full Wave High Vacuum Rectifier01
40128083Full Wave Gas Filled Rectifier03
402313C4313C/CV75Cold Cathode Gas-filled Relay01
40442727Detector Amplifier Triode01
411UY23535Remote Cut-off RF Tetrode01
413PH24747Power Output Pentode01
416F24242/6F6GPower Output Pentode02
418Y22727Detector Amplifier Triode01
420SY22424ARF Tetrode01
421SY23551Remote Cut-off RF Tetrode01
42212A6VT134Beam Power Amplifier210
42512AD6Pentagrid for use with 12v Car Battery14
42612AH7GTTwin Triode06
42712AH8Triode Heptode20
42812AN7Triode Hexode00
42912AQ5Beam Power Tetrode25
43012AT7CV455High æ Twin Triode351
43112AV6Duo Diode High æ Triode56
43212AU7AECC82Medium æ Twin Triode1950
43512BA6Medium Cut-off RF Pentode014
43712BH7Medium æ Twin Triode09
43812BY7ASharp Cut-off Rf Pentode1628
43912EICV345Beam Tetrode01
44012FK6Duo Diode Medium æ Triode for 12v Battery Use21
44112GB7Beam Power Pentode01
44212GN7Sharp Cut-off Pentode40
44312H6Twin Triode02
44412HG7Sharp Cut-off Pentode40
44612HL7Sharp Cut-off Pentode40
44712J5GTCV534/VT135Detector Amplifier Triode06
44812K7GTRemote Cut-off RF Pentode01
44912K8Triode Hexode13
45012SF7Diode Remote Cut-off RF Pentode11
45112SG7VT209Medium Cut-off RF Pentode05
45212SK7VT131Remote Cut-off Rf Pentode18
45312Q7GDuo Diode High æ Triode10
45412SC7Twin Triode03
45512SN7GTTwin Triode22
45612SQ7Duo Diode High æ Triode22
45712SR7Duo Diode Triode02
45812X4Full Wave Vacuum Rectifier89
45912Z3Half Wave Vacuum Rectifier01
4611S4Power Output Pentode20
4626G8GDuo Diode Remote Cut-off Pentode014
46479Twin Power Output Triode10
4656AB8Medium æ Triode Power Output Pentode60
4666AJ8Triode Heptode40
4676AK8Triple Diode High æ Triode20
4686AM8ADiode Sharp Cut-off RF Pentode50
4696AN8AMedium æ Triode Sharp Cut-off Rf Pentode91
4715763VHF Beam Power Amplifier01
4736973Beam Power Tetrode12
4785678CV2254Subminiature RF Pentode03
47912BL6Sharp Cut-off RF Pentode11
48312HG8Medium æ Triode High Slope Pentode02
485UX25050Power Amplifier00
4877DJ8VHF Sharp Cut-off Twin Triode70
4887ES8PCC189Twin Triode40
4898A8PCF80Medium æ Triode Remote Cut-off RF Pentode10
4908B10Twin Diode Medium æ Twin Triode44
4918GJ7Medium æ Triode Sharp Cut-off Pentode70
4928LT8Twin Diode Sharp Cut-off Pentode60
4938U9PCF201Triode Pentode70
4948X9PCF200Triode Pentode60
4958FQ7Medium æ Twin Triode40
4969JW8Medium æ Triode Sharp Cut-off Pentode40
4979V9PCH200Triode Heptode70
4989U8AMedium æ Triode Sharp Cut-off RF Pentode30
49914GW8PCL86Triode Pentode40
50015A6Video Output Pentode20
50215CW5Power Pentode50
50315KY8High æ Triode Beam Power Tube30
50617AY3Half Wave Vacuum Rectifier30
50817DW417BS3AHalf Wave Vacuum Rectifier30
50917JZ8Compactron Triode Pentode45
51017Z3Half Wave Vacuum Rectifier73
51119T8Triple Diode High æ Triode40
51321A6Power Pentode30
51423Z9Compactron Dissimilar Twin Triode Pentode30
51626AQ8UCC85High æ Twin Triode40
51730AE3Half Wave Vacuum Rectifier40
51935Z5Half Wave Vacuum Rectifier01
5226BA8Medium æ Triode Sharp Cut-off Pentode51
5246BF5Beam Power Tetrode40
5256BH8Medium æ Triode Sharp Cut-off Pentode60
5266BK8CV2901/EF86Sharp Cut-off AF Pentode05
5276BW7Sharp Cut-off RF Pentode40
5286BN4Medium æ VHF Triode10
5296CW5Power Pentode50
5306DB5Beam Power Pentode10
5326DL5EL95Power Pentode50
5336EU8Medium æ Triode Sharp Cut-off Pentode20
5346GM6Semi Remote Cut-off RF Pentode20
5356GS7Medium æ Triode Sharp Cut-off Pentode10
5366HM56HA5High æ Triode50
5376HQ5Sharp Cut-off Triode60
5386HZ6Sharp Cut-off Pentode60
5396JC6ASharp Cut-off Pentode30
5416JV8High æ Triode Sharp Cut-off Pentode30
5426JX8ECH84Triode Heptode60
5436Z10Pentode Beam Power Tube40
5446KE8Medium æ TriodeSharp Cut-off Pentode20
5456KT8Medium æ Triode Sharp Cut-off Pentode40
5466KZ8Medium æ Triode Sharp Cut-off Pentode40
5486LX8LCF802Triode Pentode31
5496ME8Two Plate Beam Deflector40
5506Q5GGas Triode20
5516U9Medium æ Triode Pentode140
5526Y9Dissimalar Twin Pentode80
5536S26S2AHalf Wave Vacuum Rectifier32
5556R4UHF Triode30
5561616Half Wave High Vacuum Rectifier16
5571625Beam Power Amplifier1118
5584039AMercury Vapour Relay04
5621561Full Wave Vacuum Rectifier03
5636136Sharp Cut-off Pentode09
56560056AQ5Beam Power Tetrode02
5667199Medium æ Triode Sharp Cut-off Pentode01
5686201High æ Twin Triode PQ01
569581412AU7/CV4016Medium æ Twin Triode03
5735654Sharp Cut-off RF Pentode12
5745651Cold Cathode Gas Filled Glow Discharge Diode20
5769072Transmitting Triode02
57829C1CV430High Vacuum Control Diode02
5801867Full wave Vacuum Rectifier02
5821629CV1756Tuning Indicator05
5842051CV1798/20A2Gas Filled Tetrode01
5854311BRepeater Pentode01
5867027ABeam Power Tetrode01
58868836146BBeam Power01
590A1320CV51Tuning Indicator10
5936688E180F/CV3998Sharp Cut-off RF Pentode10
5991AD4CV2237Sharp Cut-off Pentode50
6001BQ2High Vacuum Rectifier60
6021K31J3Half Wave Vacuum Rectifier50
6031V2Half Wave Vacuum Rectifier60
6041X2BHalf Wave Vacuum Rectifier80
6063A3Half Wave Vacuum Rectifier60
6073GK5High æ Triode40
6084BZ6Semi Remote Cut-off RF Pentode40
6094CM4High Slope UHF Triode50
6104HA5PC900VHF Triode40
6115A6Beam Pentode150
6136BJ7Triple Diode30
6146BR7CV2135Sharp Cut-off Pentode21
6166R7VR101Duo Diode Triode10
617117Z6Full Wave Vacuum Rectifier02
61911BQ11Dissimilar Twin Pentode02
6201AJ4Sharp Cut-off RF Pentode10
621QQE03/12CV2798/6360Twin Tetrode RF Power Amp3622
622QQE03/206252Twin Tetrode RF Power Amp82
623QQV03/10CV2798Twin Tetrode28
624QQV03/12Twin Tetrode04
625QQE02/5Twin Tetrode RF Power Amp26
626QQE05/12Twin Tetrode01
627QE03/10CV2129/5763Twin Tetrode20
628QQV02/6CV2466Twin Tetrode01
629QQZ04/12Twin Tetrode01
630QE04/10Twin Tetrode02
631813Beam Power03
632CV316Half Wave Rectifier04
633866JRCV2679Half Wave Mercury Vapour Rectifier01
634830BRF Power Amplifier02
637EL386CN6Power Pentode02
63912SJ7Sharp Cot-off Pentode01
648VLS405ANeon Indicator10
649STV100/60Voltage Stabilizer10
6518032ABeam Power Pentode04
653PL1607Tetrode Xenon Filled01
6542C39ACV2516/3CX100A5High ? UHF Triode53
6553CX100A57289/2C39AHigh ? UHF Triode10
6566R3Half Wave Vacuum Rectifier02
6589A8PCF80Medium æ Triode Remote Cut-off RF Pentode51
659VR102CV1102/BL63Dual Triode11
66012DQ6ABeam Power tetrode31
662E182CC5687/7119Twin Triode SQ01
663PCC847AN7Twin Triode01
664EAC91Diode Triode01
665E180F6688Sharp Cut-off Pentode Special Quality11
6666BC5Sharp Cut-off RF Pentode01
6676AH6Sharp Cut-off RF Pentode12
6686BJ6Medium Cut-off Pentode21
6696BK7AMedium æ Twin Triode21
6706DS8Triode Heptode51
67111AR11Twin Pentode Compactron22
67312BT3Half Wave Rectifier01
67421HB5Beam Power Tube01
67650EH5Power Pentode14
6776KV8Sharp Cut-off Pentode11
6786C18ECF805/6GV7Triode Pentode01
679PL50027GB5/CV10725Beam Power Tube01
6806064CV4014/EF91Sharp Cut-off RF Pentode03
6816100CV4058Medium æ Triode01
6825842CV3789/417AHigh æ Triode SQ00
684954CV1095/VR95/VT120Sharp Cut-off RF Pentode84
685955CV1059/VT121Detector Osc.Amplifier Triode137
686956CV649/VT238Remote Cut-off RF Pentode20
687957CV2700/VT237Detector Osc.Amplifier Triode80
6919001CV1757Sharp Cut-off Pentode21
6929002CV664/VT202Detector Osc.Amplifier Triode11
6939003CV665/VT203Remote Cut-off RF Pentode12
6949004CV666/CV3675UHF Diode60
6966Q7Duo Diode High æ Triode03
6976SG7Medium Cut-off RF Pentode10
698GL16411641/RK60Full Wave Rectifier01
6996DC6Semi Remote Cut-off RF Pentode01
703XC18CV2486Cold Cathode Gas Triode01
7041BC2AHalf Wave Vacuum Rectifier30
7052AS2Half Wave Vacuum Rectifier30
7062AV2Half Wave Vacuum Rectifier30
7073AT2BHalf Wave Vacuum Rectifier30
7083AW2AHalf Wave Vacuum Rectifier30
7093CU3AHalf Wave Vacuum Rectifier20
7106AF4AMedium æ Triode10
7116AM4High æ Triode20
7126AY3BHalf Wave Vacuum Rectifier30
7136BA11Triode Twin Pentode30
7146BC4Medium æ Triode21
7154EH7Semi Remote Cut-off Pentode30
7164EJ7Sharp Cut-off Pentode30
7175GJ7Medium æ Triode Sharp Cut-off Pentode30
71810CW5Power Pentode30
71915DQ8High æ Triode Sharp Cut-off Pentode40
7223HM5High æ Triode30
72312AU6Sharp Cut-off Pentode10
72412AB5Beam Power Tetrode10
72512AT6Duo Diode High æ Triode30
72812J8Duo Diode Power Tetrode10
7296AQ4RF Triode30
7306AQ6Duo Diode High æ Triode10
7316BK4Sharp Cut-off Beam Triode20
7326BN5Power Output Pentode10
7336BN8Double Diode High æ Triode30
7346CU5Beam Power Pentode30
7356EM7Twin Triode with Dissimilar Units71
7362C51Medium æ Twin Triode20
7385AQ5Beam Power Tube30
7395EA8Medium æ Triode Sharp Cut-off Pentode30
7405KE8Medium æ Triode Sharp Cut-off Pentode30
7418AW8AMedium æ Triode Sharp Cut-off Pentode30
74210GN8High æ Triode Sharp Cut-off Pentode30
74311BM8High æ Triode Power Pentode10
74411KV8High æ Triode Sharp Cut-off Pentode30
74511MS8High æ triode BeamPower Tube10
74617DQ617GW6Beam Power Tube20
74921GY5Beam Pentode20
75021LR8Triode Pentode20
75122JF6Beam Power Tube20
7529AQ8PCC85VHF Double Triode40
75335C5Beam Power Tube30
75450C5Beam Power Tube30
7555670Medium æ Twin Triode20
7576FG7Medium æ Triode Sharp Cut-off Pentode20
7586FM7Dual Triode30
7596FQ7Medium æ Triode (Controlled Heater Warm-up)40
7606GE5Beam Power Tube30
7616GF7Dual Triode60
7626GH8AMedium æ Triode Sharp Cut-off Pentode50
7636GJ7Medium æ Triode Sharp Cut-off Pentode40
7646GU7\Medium æ Twin Triode30
7666GY6Sharp Cut-off Pentode20
7676HB7Medium æ Triode Sharp Cut-off Pentode30
768EY886S2Half Wave VacuumRectifier10
76990CVVacuum Photo Electric Cell10
7703BZ6Semi Remote Cut-off RF Pentode30
7715GS7Medium æ Triode Sharp Cut-off Pentode30
7726X2Half Wave Vacuum Rectifier20
7735LJ8Medium æTriode Sharp Cut-off Pentode30
77418GV8PCL85Medium æ Triode Power Pentode31
77527GB5EL500/PL500A/CV10725Beam Power Tube50
7766CG36BW3/6DQ3Half Wave Vacuum Rectifier30
7776ES6RF Pentode10
7786GN8High æ Triode Sharp Cut-off Pentode10
7796HS5Beam Triode30
7816JM6ABeam Power Tube20
7826JN8Medium æ Triode Sharp Cut-off Pentode10
7836JT8High æ Triode Sharp Cut-off Pentode10
7846JU8AQuadruple Diode50
7856KA8High æ Triode Sharp Cut-off Pentode30
7866KM6Beam Power Tube30
7876LB6Beam Power Tube30
7886LF8High æ Triode Sharp Cut-off Pentode30
7896LM8Medium æ TriodeSemi-remote Cut-off Pentode30
7906LN8LCF80Medium æ Triode Sharp Cut-off Pentode30
7946DR8EBF83TwinDiode Pentode30
7966JH6Semi Remote Cut0off Pentode10
797ECF200PCF200Triode Pentode10
7986FL26AN8Medium æ Triode Sharp Cut-off Pentode21
800EB4Twin Diode10
80312C8Duo Diode Medium Cut-off Pentode01
804PL5727Gas Filled Thyratron01
8051K7Duo Diode Sharp Cut-off Pentode02
8066893Beam Power Amplifier01
8077E6Duo Diode Triode11
808VR101CV1101/MHLD6Duo Diode Triode01
8096AU5GTBeam Power Pentode01
8109AK8PABC80Triple Diode High æ Triode11
8116CW4High æ RF Triode NUVISTOR12
814ATS25807Beam Power Tetrode10
816D3AAmplifier SQ20
817UL84Output Pentode10
8186F15EF41Variable æ Pentode01
819ARP12CV1331Variable æ Screened Pentode05
820PEN383Beam Power Amp01
82390AVVacuum PE Cell01
825DH76Duo- Diode Triode01
826EY91Half Wave Vacuum Rectifier10
827929Vacuum Photo-Electric Cell
8295755Dual Triode1
8306203Twin Diode1
8316CQ6EF92Remote cut-off RF Pentode13
8326SF7Diode Remote Cut-off RF Pentode01
8331H4GDetector Amplifier Triode02
834885Gas Triode01
835CY2Full Wave Vacuum Rectifier01
836CL2Power Output Pentode01
837EF2Medium Cut-off RF Pentode01
838A609Amplifier Triode02
839E90FF6661SQ Sharp Cut-off RF Pentode03
840UY23939Remote Cut-off RF Pentode01
8411E7GTTwin Power Pentode10
84235L6GTBeam Power Output Tetrode10
8436B76B8GDuo Diode Medium Cut-off Pentode10
844PL509Line Output Pentode10
8456CN7Twin Diode High æ AF Triode10
8466FA7Diode Sharp Cut-off Twin Plate Tetrode10
8476x8Triode Pentode20
8486CS8Triode Pentode10
851756SQ7GTDuo-Diode High ? Triode01
8531F4Power Output Pentode01
854E415Amplifier Triode01
855C1Current Regulator01
856C603Power Output Triode01
8576Z484/CV619/VT84Full Wave Rectifier02
85881Half-Wave Vacuum Rectifier01
859AZ1AZ31Full-Wave Vacuum Rectifier01
860164VLF Amplifier01
867UY39ARF Pentode1
8716DJ8ECC88Medium Gain Twin Triode6
8726080CV2984Duel power Triode1
8736Y6Beam Power Tube1
8745B/254MccCV428Beam Power Tetrode2
87540KG6PL509Beam Power Tube3

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